Exceptional Hardship Arguments in Driving Cases

Normally exceptional hardship arguments can be divided into emotional and financial hardship - for example, if the driver cares for relatives or needs to drive for their job.

However, enlisting the help of our experienced solicitors is recommended. We can draw together the necessary documentation and other evidence, as well as provide the legal advice needed to improve your chances of achieving a positive outcome.

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How to Build an Exceptional Hardship case

What we often find is that a successful exceptional hardship argument is built on good preparation and good presentation. All relevant information relating to your personal and professional circumstances should be put before the court in order to give you the best opportunity to save your licence.

That is why we will take a thorough and detailed statement from you, and assist you in gathering other material that will be used to support the arguments that will be put before the court. Our experience of dealing with exceptional hardship arguments will allow us to guide you through this process and extract information that you may not necessarily realise is helpful to your case.

The court more often than not is presented with arguments regarding the possibility of a person losing their job as the result of a disqualification. Although this is a perfectly valid argument, the court will sometimes need slightly more compelling and convincing arguments as to why they should not impose a disqualification. The impact your disqualification would have on an innocent party is a perfect example of this.

How we can help

Sometimes the consequences of a disqualification can be so extreme that the penalty is no longer proportionate to the offence. This is a conclusion that sometimes the court does not easily come to on its own. That is where we come in.

The court’s position will be that you find yourself in this situation due to committing a series of motoring offences in what they would regard as a relatively short period. With so many of us leading busy lives with too much to do and not enough time to do it, accumulating penalty points is easily done. Our job will be to convince the court to give you another chance.

If the court is persuaded not to disqualify you, the chance they will be giving you to continue to drive may be your last chance. The court will still endorse your licence with penalty points, which remain ‘live’ for the purposes of any future court proceedings for a period of three years. You would then be driving around with 12 or more penalty points until they expire.

If you successfully rely on an exceptional hardship and within three years find that you are facing another disqualification due to ‘totting up’ you will not be able to rely on the same set of facts that you relied upon on the previous occasion.

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