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Driving Without an MOT

Being caught driving without an MOT is a serious motoring offence that could leave you facing a hefty fine. However, the expert solicitors at JMW can help you build a defence that may reduce any punishments you receive in court.

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How JMW can help

If you are being charged for a motoring offence, you should speak to an expert solicitor as soon as possible. The team at JMW Solicitors have decades of experience in dealing with motoring offences and can help you to navigate your case.

When you call us, we will hold an initial phone consultation to understand your situation and the charges you are facing, and we will inform you as to whether we can help and how.

If you decide to work with us, the first step will be to decide whether you should dispute your driving without an MOT offence. To help you, we will advise you on the best course of action based on your chances of success, which are usually determined by what evidence the police have against you and whether you had any mitigating circumstances.

If you decide to dispute your charges, we will work to create a strategy for your defence. This will require us to identify and gather information that supports your argument, including photographic evidence and witness statements. We will assess how the police officers conducted themselves when they pulled you over and/or how they used any scanning equipment involved. Often, the police's methods can be a key weakness in their attempt to prosecute drivers.

Using our deep knowledge of motoring offences and our experience in dealing with MOT test certificate cases, we work to form a strategy and execute it when we represent you in court.

About the Offence

All vehicles that have been registered for use on the road for three years or more are required to pass an MOT test. This must be renewed annually to ensure a vehicle is in full working order. The test includes checking most of the vehicle’s parts to see that they meet legal standards. The only parts not tested are the engine, clutch and gearbox. For more information about what’s involved in an MOT, visit the gov.uk website.

Getting caught using your vehicle without a test certificate is a criminal offence and carries a hefty fine. However, there are a number of exemptions and defences that can be used in cases like this. For example, you may have been taking the vehicle to get an MOT at the time that you were stopped, or you might be using a foreign car that has only been brought into the country for a short period of time - in this case, you need to prove the car has a valid registration mark for that country.


If you are found to be driving without an MOT certificate, you may receive the following penalties:

  • A £30 fixed fine
  • A police caution

However, if your case is taken to court, your fine may be increased to £1,000, your vehicle may be written-off and you could receive a driving ban.

While driving without an MOT is often viewed as a less severe offence, it can have serious implications to your life if you lose the ability to drive because of one. If you can not legally drive, you will not be able to support those who rely on you for transport, and you may miss out on work or lose your job. To avoid the fine for driving without an MOT, and any further costs to your life, it is essential that you take every caution to ensure you meet your MOT test deadline and organise any repairs that are required if your vehicle fails.

Why Choose JMW?

Our expert solicitors are committed to helping you keep your interests protected and will do their utmost to ensure you are able to stay on the road. We will be happy to discuss your case with you and will rigorously analyse all the evidence as we formulate an appropriate defence on your behalf.

Due to our continued successes, JMW has received recognition from The Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners as one of the top UK law firms - something our motoring offences department has contributed to significantly. When you choose to work with JMW Solicitors, you can be confident that you have the advice of some of the best legal experts in the field at your back.

We will work closely with you and use jargon-free language to ensure you understand your options and obligations, and what the process going forward will be like. Where we require your help to gather information, we will guide you through exactly what you need to do. Where we can work without your supervision, we will remain transparent and communicate with you each step of the way, allowing you to keep track of the situation without needing to worry about the legal burden.

While it is possible to represent yourself against a motoring offence - you should not, under any circumstances, attempt to do so. This is because UK motoring law is highly complex and carries significant repercussions for mistakes, such as an increased fine and driving ban for failing to defend yourself. With the help of an expert team of solicitors, if you are caught with no MOT, you will have the support of professionals who understand motoring law and how to mount a legal defence.


What happens if you get caught with no MOT certificate?

It is very easy to be caught driving without a valid MOT certificate. This is due to the automatic number plate recognition scanning technology that police vehicles are equipped with. The police can quickly and effortlessly scan your licence plate and compare it against your vehicle's details within a database. This will inform the police as to whether your vehicle has an MOT certificate or not. If they find that you are driving with an expired MOT, you will either be pulled over or receive the details of your offence through the post. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your car's MOT up-to-date.

Does my car require an MOT if it is brand new?

You only need to take your car for an MOT test if it is older than three years. After this point, you will need to arrange an MOT test appointment annually. However, this does not mean you should not take your car for regular servicing and checks.

Can I be charged for driving to an MOT test with an expired MOT test certificate?

If you are driving anywhere in a vehicle after its MOT expires, you can be charged for driving without a valid MOT. In some cases where you are driving to a pre-booked MOT test, the police may let you off. However, the police are not obliged to let you off, and they may do so if the following apply:

  • Your vehicle is only just over the valid MOT test deadline
  • You can provide evidence of your MOT test date and that you are taking a direct route there

To avoid this situation, make sure you take your vehicle for its MOT test within the month-long test window and no not leave it until the last minute. Most mechanics will allow you to book your MOT test in advance - find out when you can do so at your earliest convenience and prioritise organising it.

If you miss the deadline for your MOT, you should consider arranging to have your vehicle towed to the mechanic's garage or MOT test centre instead of driving to MOT without MOT.

Can you get points for no MOT?

You will not get points for no-MOT offences. However, if your case goes to court and you fail to defend yourself, you can expect to receive a large fine and run the risk of being immediately banned. The only way points are imposed is if the Police suggest your vehicle is in a dangerous condition.

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