Driving Without an MOT

Being accused of driving without an MOT is a serious motoring offence that could leave you facing a hefty fine. However, the expert solicitors here at JMW can help you build a defence that may reduce any punishments you receive in court.

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About the Offence

All vehicles that have been registered for use on the road for three years or more are required to pass an MOT test. This must be renewed annually to ensure a vehicle is in full working order. The test includes checking most of the vehicle’s parts to see that they meet legal standards. The only parts not tested are the engine, clutch and gearbox. For more information about what’s involved in an MOT, visit the gov.uk website.

Getting caught using your vehicle without a test certificate is a criminal offence and carries a hefty fine. However, there are a number of exemptions and defences that can be used in cases like this. For example, you may have been taking the vehicle to get an MOT at the time that you were stopped, or you might be using a foreign car that has only been brought into the country for a short period of time - in this case you need to prove the car has a valid registration mark for that country.

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Our expert solicitors are committed to helping you keep your interests protected and will do their utmost to ensure you are able to stay on the road. We will be happy to discuss your case with you and will rigorously analyse all the evidence as we formulate an appropriate defence on your behalf.

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