Your Questions Answered (FAQ's)

  1. Am I able to secure legal aided funding for my case?

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    Unfortunately, legal aid is unavailable for the majority of motoring offences. It is normally only made available in cases where a person is at serious risk of being sent to prison. As legal aid is generally unavailable, you will be expected to pay your fees privately or secure alternative funding. If you have a home or motor insurance policy, your insurer may agree to pay your legal expenses under the terms of your policy. If you are a member of a trade union, your membership may entitle you to obtain assistance with paying your legal fees.

    If you require legal representation but you are concerned about funding your case, please feel free to contact one of our specialist motoring offence solicitors free of charge on 0800 804 8159.

  2. If I am disqualified from driving in the UK, will I be able to drive abroad?

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  3. Do I have to tell my insurers about a motoring conviction or pending prosecution?

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  4. Can I recover my legal fees if I am acquitted?

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    The answer is YES. If you successfully avoid a conviction; whether that is following an acquittal at Court or following the discontinuance of proceedings by the Prosecution, you will be entitled to an order from the Court known as a Defence Costs Order. This order entitles you to submit your legal bill of costs to The National Taxing Team. On receipt of your bill, they will conduct an assessment and provide a partial reimbursement of your legal fees.

  5. How much of my legal fees will I get back if acquitted?

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    As your bill of costs will be assessed by a Taxing Officer, it is difficult to say with any certainty how much of your legal fees you will recover. However, you will recover a proportion of your legal fees.

  6. How do I go about getting my money back from the court?

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    We will take care of this for you. If you are acquitted following a hearing, your representative will make an oral application for a Defence Costs Order at Court. If the Prosecution discontinues proceedings prior to your final hearing/trial, we will make a written application to the Court for an order on your behalf. Once confirmation is received that the order has been granted, we will submit your legal bill of costs to The National Taxing Team. We will also provide you with regular updates with regards to the recovery of your legal fees once your bill has been submitted.

  7. If I am banned from driving can I drive as soon as the disqualification has ended?

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  8. If I am convicted of a motoring offence will I have a criminal record?

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