Abigail Morrison

Job Title: Senior Associate Solicitor

Location: Manchester

Industrial DiseasePersonal Injury

Abigail is a Senior Associate at JMW, specialising in Industrial Disease claims. She joined the firm in May 2008 and has been working hard on behalf of clients affected by diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and noise-induced hearing loss ever since. She holds the honour of being JMW’s first ever employee of the month.

When not at work, Abigail enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen, catching up with friends, going to the cinema, travelling and reading.

Why did you join JMW?
I joined because of the forward thinking and dynamic approach the firm had, alongside the opportunities it provides for professional development and of course, the friendly atmosphere.

Key cases

  • Settling a mesothelioma claim for an unusually young victim, who was exposed to asbestos fibres in her 30s and contracted the disease just over a decade later. The defendant, a local council, disputed liability on the case. I was able to gain a good settlement for my client that reflected the unusual nature of the claim.
  • Bringing a claim against Tate & Lyle PLC on behalf of a client who contracted lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos during his time working for the company, in their boilerhouse. The defendant’s high profile was an interesting note to the case, and I agreed a fair settlement with them on his behalf.
  • Running a hotly contested mesothelioma case where our client was diagnosed at 58, and was exposed to asbestos fibres during two periods of three week long summer work at power stations. Our client worked as a chartered loss adjuster and was also responsible for spousal care, as his partner had a disability. Our argument for damages on our client’s behalf had to reflect this and securing a good compensation has been vital in giving him peace of mind and securing his partner’s care for the rest of her life.

What others say

Ms S, Client: I would just like to say a personal thank you for all your care in the way you handled my husband’s case. As you know, my son and daughter-in-law have been looking after things for me and they have been very impressed with the way you have dealt with everything. Thank you once again.

Mrs E, Client: We just wanted to say a heartful thank you for all the support and help that you gave my late father, and more recently my mother, with the settlement of my Dad’s claim. I am sure that you hear all the time that the money does not mean as much as that person, and in a flash I would have my Dad back rather than Mum having the money, however what the money has given me and my sister is peace of mind that Mum will never have to worry about money again. Once again, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done, it means a lot.

Mrs L, Client: Dear Abigail, I would like to say thank you for all your hard work which came to a successful conclusion for me.

Who would you...

Share a pint with:
I'd have a pint with Victoria Beckham as I admire her ambition and her resilience to negative press. 

Have cook for you:
I'd have Delia Smith cook for me so we could discuss my football team, Norwich City. 

Stay in with:
I'd spend a night in with my sister as I don't see a lot of her since she moved to London. 

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