Paul Breen

Job Title: Partner

Location: Manchester

Personal Injury

I began my career with a niche personal injury practice in Manchester 32 years ago and ultimately developed a niche catastrophic injury team with one of the Partners, dealing with cases involving spinal injuries resulting in paraplegia and tetraplegia and brain injuries in both adults and children.

I recently joined JMW to head up and develop a niche catastrophic injury team having brought with me two major contracts of work, a large North West motorcycle brokerage and a major brain injury charity which has very close ties to the world renowned neurological department at The Walton Centre Liverpool.

I value my clients, I strive to maintain the highest level of client care not only to my clients but their families, who often are at the forefront of the cases that I deal with. I have developed great friendships with some of my clients over the years and still regularly keep in touch with past clients.

When not at work you can find me on the golf course, my other passion. I am also a keen Liverpool fan, having grown up with the teams of the 70’s and 80’s. So a bit disillusioned by it all now!

Why did you join JMW?

They are a progressive and forward thinking full service legal provider.

Notable Past Cases

  • Client B: A 32 year old male who had just completed the three peaks run was travelling as a rear seat belted passenger in a car when the driver clipped the kerbstone and “flipped” the car. It ended up on its roof and my client was hung upside down by the seatbelt. He suffered catastrophic spinal cord damage which resulted in him becoming a permanently ventilated tetraplegic.

    The client was an in patient in a spinal injuries unit for nearly 10 months undergoing rehabilitation. Liability was admitted in full and we secured significant interim payments from the other side’s insurance company which allowed us to purchase a property, adapt and then put in place a full nursing care team due to the client’s ventilated state. This involved a team of qualified nurses who were able to look after the client in his own home environment. The case was settled for £8.9 million.
  • Client J: I acted for a high flying city worker following a cycling collision on his was to work. The client sustained very serious head injuries which left him in a coma for several weeks. Following his recovery from his coma, it was identified that he was left with significant left sided hemiplegia and loss of his ability to speak. Additionally he suffered with significant cognitive dysfunction in that he was unable to concentrate, he was irritable and violent which made looking after him very difficult. He was deemed to lack mental capacity and a professional deputy was appointed by the Court of Protection. Following extensive inpatient rehabilitation he was discharged back to his previous home, which was adapted, and was provided with an extensive team of support workers. The case settled just before Trial on a part lump sum and periodical payment basis to provide for care , loss of income and case management going forward for the rest of the client’s life. If the case had been capitalised it would have been worth £12m.

Current Notable Cases:

  • We are currently acting for a 47 year old paraplegic who sustained a catastrophic spinal cord injury whilst riding his Vespa scooter. Liability is admitted and we are progressing to gather wide-scale medical evidence to support the case. It is anticipated it will settle for excess of £4m.
  • We recently took on the case of a young man who was a front seat passenger in a friend’s car. The car was involved in a high speed road traffic accident and ended up being turned over on its roof and spun several times, roughly 580 yards along the road. My client, a Bulgarian national, suffered extensive injuries including left-sided hemiplegia. He was a self-employed joiner and as well as requiring significant support and rehabilitation, he will never be able to return to work. Expected to be worth in excess of £1m.

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