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At JMW, our solicitors offer a range of services that help clients who are chasing up outstanding debts or receive such a demand for money which they might give.

Whether you want to know how to challenge a statutory demand, more information about the statutory demand process or advice on how to draw one up yourself, our legal experts have all the knowledge and expertise required to help.

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What is a Statutory Demand?

A statutory demand is a document containing a demand for a debtor to repay a debt, outlining the amount outstanding, as well as the timescale in which the payment should be made, contact details and what will happen if the demand is ignored.

The recipient has 21 days to 'satisfy' the demand or 18 days to challenge it.

How to Challenge a Statutory Demand

If you want to challenge a statutory demand, you have to apply to the court to have it cancelled - also known as setting it aside'.

The majority of people who manage to challenge the demand seek legal advice from a team of experts before applying to the court. The process involves completing and filing forms for the court before a hearing is scheduled, which should be done with the benefit of proper legal advice, without which your application is likely to be rejected.

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