Inheritance Act Disputes (Left Out of a Will)

If you believe you have been left out of a will or have not been adequately provided for, our experts are here to help you contest a will and make a claim under the Inheritance Act. 

Family members, friends and beneficiaries are all entitled to contest a will if they believe they have not received the assets they were due. We also act on behalf of beneficiaries who wish to protect their inheritance against somebody who is contesting a will and represent charities that are defending a donation that was left in a supporter’s will. 

Fast action is crucial if you wish to contest a will, as claims under the Inheritance Act should be made within six months of probate. There are exceptions to this rule, so consult one of our experts to find out if you are in a position to take action.

How JMW Can Help

Our experienced solicitors will act for all types of claimants, from people who are defending an estate or those trying to safeguard assets they are due to receive from the deceased. We are able to offer a number of different funding arrangements to secure a settlement, including privately funded and conditional fee arrangements or third-party loans. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate option. 

We also offer advice on the associated costs, as bringing an Inheritance Act claim to court can be an expensive process.

Who Can Make A Claim?

People who can make a claim under the Inheritance Act include: 

  • Spouse/civil partner
  • Children
  • A partner who lived with them for a period of two or more years immediately before death
  • An ex-spouse/civil partner who has not remarried or formed a new civil partnership
  • A person treated by the deceased as a child, for example, a stepchild
  • A person being financially maintained by the deceased

However, you do not automatically qualify for provision from an estate just because you fit one of these categories. Courts will consider the financial needs of the other beneficiaries and the nature of your relationship with the deceased. 

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