Inheritance Tax Planning

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Planning ahead is key to preserving your assets and mitigating your tax liabilities when you die. Our team can help by providing expert tax planning advice to ensure your family can retain as much of your estate as possible.

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Our team is recognised in Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500. We have won industry awards, including Team of the Year at Manchester Legal Awards.

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Our team is made up of young, dynamic solicitors who understand the environments you operate in and the need for bespoke succession planning.

The team of Inheritance Tax planning solicitors will advise you on how to make the right decisions and see that your assets go to who you want them to, while minimising the Inheritance Tax payable on your estate. The JMW team will evaluate your specific circumstances and talk you through every aspect of the process in order to deliver you a tailor-made Inheritance Tax plan.

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Experienced and Practical Tax Planning Solicitors

In broad terms, when someone dies, they must pay Inheritance Tax at 40% on the value of their estate that exceeds £325,000. However, there are some valuable exemptions and reliefs which, when applied to your estate, can dramatically reduce your tax liability. JMW will evaluate your personal circumstances and work with you to identify and apply the most relevant exemptions and reliefs.

Some of the most common of these exemptions that may apply to your estate include:

  • Spouse/civil partner exemption
  • Nil-rate band
  • Residential nil-rate band
  • Charity exemption
  • Normal expenditure or gifts out of income
  • Agricultural or business property relief
  • Lifetime gift exemptions
  • Gifts on marriage

If you believe your estate could benefit from any of these exemptions, or if you would like to find out more about the reliefs that could be applicable in your circumstances, please get in touch with our specialist team of solicitors today.

When you contact us, we will assess your situation and aim to understand your desired outcomes. From there, we will prepare a plan that accounts for the tax liabilities of your estate and ensures that you can retain as much of the value of your assets as possible. We will then support you throughout the whole process, and explain the necessary documentation in jargon-free language.

We can also work closely with your accountant or adviser to ensure that you receive advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Our experienced solicitors work for clients nationwide and abroad who appreciate JMW's clear and practical legal advice.

We can offer advice on many areas, including:

  • Lifetime trusts and corporate structures
  • Lifetime giving
  • Charitable gifts
  • Charity creation and registration
  • Succession planning
  • Domicile and residence

Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax Planning

It is vital to consider the tax implications of making gifts or setting up a trust. If not done correctly, creating a trust or making large gifts during your lifetime can result in large Inheritance Tax and capital gains tax (CGT) bills.

Profits made on property or investments that are sold during a person's lifetime can make them liable to pay CGT. If the property or investments are given away, they are assessed at what their value would have been at the date of the gift if they had been sold for tax purposes, meaning such gifts are still liable to CGT.

Whether a part of the estate is liable for CGT or Inheritance Tax depends upon various factors, including the timing, size and recipient of the gift. A gift made without taking advice could result in:

  • A tax liability that could have been avoided
  • A further tax liability after tax has already been paid during your lifetime
  • A gift falling back into your estate and creating a tax liability

To set up a trust or make a gift, speak to our specialist team of solicitors in advance, and ensure you negate any serious tax implications for your estate.

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