Business Crime Updater 2022

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Business Crime Updater 2022

Daniel Martin, head of Business Crime and Regulation (London), has co-authored this Business Crime Updater with Michael Goodwin QC and Anita Clifford, our colleagues at Red Lion Chambers, which may be of interest to you and to your clients.

It is often the case that companies only realise the full extent of the regulatory burden they face when something has gone wrong, but as with all things in business ‘forewarned is forearmed’. As the regulatory landscape changes, it is increasingly important that businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Recent developments suggest that unusually rapid law reform is on the horizon and the Government is under pressure to increase the pace further. Here, we round-up the recent news in this area, and outline how it may be relevant to you and your business.

The key developments considered are:-

  • Failure to Prevent Economic Crime
  • The New Economic Crime Levy
  • Ukraine, Sanctions and UWOs
  • Anti-money Laundering Failures - Successful Prosecution
  • National Cyber Security Strategy 2022 - Cabinet Office 15 Dec 21

You can download the Business Crime Updater 2022 here.

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