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If you have been the victim of fraud and wish to recover losses caused by somebody’s fraudulent conduct, please visit our Civil Fraud page.

Business Crime Solicitors

The expert team at JMW Solicitors consists of leading business crime lawyers and specialists who represent clients nationwide. We have been involved in some of the biggest Business Crime investigations and prosecutions, and are ranked as a Top Tier Fraud Firm by the Legal 500, as well as Chambers and Partners.

The full-service offering by JMW allows us to be proactive, as opposed to reactive, when representing clients facing an investigation or proceedings. The dynamic team is robust and is able to take steps that may, ultimately, avoid any criminal litigation altogether. We have extensive knowledge of the law across business crime and regulatory compliance, and are proud of our track record of success in defending individuals accused of related offences.

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Areas of Expertise

We can assist both business and individual clients at all stages of investigations and criminal proceedings. As a full-service law firm, we provide a comprehensive range of services related to financial crime, tax fraud, bribery and corruption cases, and more.

JMW represents clients' interests relating to a variety of  financial crime matters, including:

With our significant experience in dealing with investigations by the FCA, Serious Fraud Office, law enforcement agencies and other regulatory authorities, we can help our clients navigate their rights and legal obligations. We provide comprehensive advice to support our clients in achieving the best possible outcome for them.

Even if you have done nothing wrong, it is vital that you consult legal advice when you are a witness, suspect or victim in this type of investigation. We can prepare you for interviews, advise you on your rights and responsibilities, and represent you in court should the Crown Prosecution Service decide you have a case to answer. You should not be concerned that hiring a corporate crime lawyer will make you look guilty. Instead, remember that this is the only way to protect yourself, and is the best way to potentially avoid a criminal charge.

Why Choose JMW?

Ranked in Tier 1 of the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners guides, our specialist and dedicated team offers clients a unique combination of business know-how and vast experience. This enables us to deliver practical advice, immediate solutions and valuable guidance throughout criminal investigations and proceedings.

Our Business Crime lawyers are based in Manchester and London, and their niche skills are regularly in demand nationwide. Clients recognise the benefit of our vast experience and the day-to-day hands-on approach with all cases, no matter how big or small.

How JMW Can Protect Your Reputation

The advantage of working with JMW is that we are a full-service law firm, which means that we can provide a number of complementary services to clients whose businesses are drawn into criminal investigations.

If your business cannot access funds, this can quickly telegraph to customers and clients that your organisation is tied to a criminal investigation, or suggest that your organisation is facing financial difficulties of its own making. Needless to say, this can be extremely difficult for your business’ reputation, whether or not you are suspected of any criminal activity.

By working with JMW’s Business Crime and Regulation department, you can also benefit from our firm’s lauded media law and reputation management services. Our expert media law team can help with:

  • Crisis management
  • Negative media coverage
  • Harassment
  • Defamation (slander and libel) and malicious falsehood
  • Privacy

These services can be vital to protect your business and its reputation. Our teams can fight back against restraint orders and account freezing orders that restrict access to your assets, represent you in interviews with investigators, and strive to maintain your good name with a comprehensive and targeted approach. This is just one reason why instructing JMW Solicitors to support you is the best choice you can make.

Success Stories

Investigations team successfully concludes private prosecution against former accountant

Our London-based investigations team led by Dan Martin recently concluded a long-running private prosecution in a rare form of ‘out of court’ settlement in a criminal case. Our clients are high-net worth individuals who for many years trusted their personal affairs to be managed by their friend and accountant. The case started when our clients’ newly appointed business advisor discovered that their former accountant, who is in his mid-eighties, had been overstating our clients’ liability to HMRC and fraudulently retaining tens of thousands of pounds every year.

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