Changing Your Divorce Lawyer

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Changing Your Divorce Lawyer: Second Chances

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." - William Arthur Ward

We have frequently represented people going through divorce who have come to us initially because they wanted to change their lawyers or establish if they were being sold an unaffordable and unachievable vision of the future.

The reasons for wanting change have broadly been the same; no strategy and no plan combined with undelivered promises.

For many, the consequence of a staggered start is that they have had the fight knocked out of them and their pockets emptied.

Divorce should not be rocket science delivered by starched robots because it is essentially a simple process; an exchange of information, an assessment of the value of anything that does not have a price tag and then a negotiation.

Everything that happens before the negotiation is expensive and so there should be a focus on the budget and income asset schedule that in 90% of all divorces are eventually, after much spilt ink, the only important documents.


Changing your divorce lawyer is both allowed and reasonably efficient to achieve. Most law firms are now paperless making the transfer of information rapid.

We charge a fixed, agreed fee for reading in.

Our approach

  • Plan: Construct a workable and clear structure and timeline from the outset.
  • Team: Make sure that the lawyers (including counsel/barristers) and paralegals you are to work with adopt roles that achieve the plan as efficiently and as economically as possible.
  • Never: Write unnecessary emails or engage with the ego of opponents.
  • Always: Maintain a sense of perspective and a light touch.
  • Reject: Pomposity.

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