Service Agreements and Contracts

Well-drafted service agreements and contracts are essential for businesses looking to set out clear expectations when working with another company. The expert commercial law solicitors at JMW can provide the legal support you need to get this crucial process right.

Whether you are contracting for a short-term service, planning large-scale strategic outsourcing or operating as a specialist service provider, our team can use its experience to deliver a comprehensive services agreement that ensures each party understands its responsibilities clearly.

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How JMW Can Help

It is important to seek the right assistance when it comes to service agreements, especially given the often complex nature of these documents and the need for information to be thorough and correct.

Our team has vast experience in drafting a wide variety of service contracts and business documentation, including:

  • Consultancy agreements
  • Cleaning agreements
  • Marketing services
  • Hire of equipment and plant
  • Inspection services
  • Catering agreements
  • Contracts for the provision of travel services

At JMW, our commercial law solicitors have worked with businesses contracting for services as well as service providers, and can ensure that your contracts have robust relationship management processes in place and clear mechanisms to allow for any necessary changes to the relationship.

By working with us, you will be able to create a service agreement that sets out clear and realistic expectations for all of the parties involved, while minimising any potential risks associated with the process.

What Should Be Included in a Service Agreement?

When contracting for services, it is important to set out exactly what services are to be provided and how these services are to be paid for. Equally, it is important to ensure there is a mechanism for how things are managed should anything go wrong.

A well-drafted services agreement will set out each party’s responsibilities in the relationship in a way that provides all of the companies involved with certainty as to what is expected of them. This includes:

  • What the services are, and how often they are to be performed
  • Clear service levels that will allow the supplier’s performance to be objectively measured
  • Anything that the customer is required to do or provide to allow the supplier to deliver the service
  • A clear mechanism for the parties to resolve any issues that arise with their working relationship

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