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Business Contract Solicitors

Well-drafted contracts can provide a business with certainty that deals will deliver all the benefits and revenues that are anticipated. They can also help prevent costly litigation if problems arise, and can protect businesses if a third party seeks to deviate from an agreed deal.

At JMW, we always strive to help our clients avoid litigation and the cost and disruption this can lead to, and well-drafted contracts represent one of the most effective ways of achieving this. They ensure each party has a fair and equitable outcome, providing they meet their obligations.

Our business solicitors are experts at putting together effective commercial agreements that will set out the way in which your business will deal with suppliers and customers.

How JMW Can Help

We work closely with clients to help them achieve their business objectives and manage risk. The team has many years of experience across a number of sectors in creating contracts that add value to a client’s deal.

The team prides itself on working in partnership with clients and getting to know their business and what is key within each deal. We believe in a partner-led service that cuts through the jargon to deliver a deal efficiently and effectively.

Our Services

There are a number of business contracts that our expert solicitors can help you create, enforce and protect, including:


Why are business contracts important?

Written agreements are crucial to a business’s success, as they provide a clear framework to help manage commercial transactions and relationships with consumers, suppliers, partners and shareholders. Business contracts can also be used to mitigate risks and assign liability to particular aspects of a deal; however, they must be fair to both parties and legally binding.

What makes a bad business contract?

It is important that business contracts are clear and precise, as any vagueness or uncertainty may raise disputes, resulting in potentially costly litigation. A well-drafted contract will seek to avoid uncertainty by including provisions that give precise instructions.

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