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Standard terms and conditions can be an essential asset for helping businesses to protect themselves when entering into a sale or purchase. JMW Solicitors has the expertise to help your organisation draft or review its terms and conditions in a way that best reflects its specific needs.

Our commercial law team will provide practical advice that takes the requirements of your business into account, allowing you to create standard terms of service that are clear, comprehensive and responsive to the most common risks.

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How JMW Can Help

Tailoring your terms and conditions to ensure they safeguard your business as thoroughly as possible can be a complex process. It is therefore essential you seek expert help to ensure everything is completed correctly.

JMW’s commercial law team will help you tailor your terms and conditions in the following ways:

  • Making sure they offer maximum protection for you and your business
  • Accurately reflecting the processes that you actually use
  • Providing legal recourse for your organisation if things go wrong

Too often, terms and conditions are tucked away on the back page of purchase orders or order forms, without enough consideration given to how they apply to the contract, or how accurately they reflect how you trade with your customers or suppliers.

Our experienced terms and conditions solicitors provide practical advice on drafting your terms of service, ensuring they are well-tailored to the needs of your business. We will also work with you to review standard terms and conditions that other parties may provide, helping you identify key clauses that may expose your business to risk, and working with you to negotiate amendments to remove these risk factors.

What Standard Terms and Conditions Should Include

Terms and conditions can cover a number of areas, depending on the nature of the product or service in question. However, standard terms and conditions generally include:

  • Pricing information and terms of payment
  • Credit limits, terms and periods
  • Details of the services or goods to be provided
  • Information on interest to be paid on late payments
  • Data protection arrangements
  • Delivery arrangements (where relevant)

The aim of these terms and conditions should be to provide all parties involved in a transaction with clarity and certainty about their respective rights and responsibilities, while minimising the chances of a dispute.

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