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Courier Fraud Solicitors

Courier fraud is a type of scam in which someone calls a victim and pretends to be a representative of their bank, or a law enforcement authority like the police, with the aim of taking personal details from victims, including bank account or credit card information.

Such scams are on the rise, and we expect to see greater criminal charges (and potentially stronger penalties) for people who are convicted. However, there are also circumstances in which people may be falsely accused or mistakenly linked to a courier fraud operation, and this can result in innocent people facing serious damage to their reputations, if not more serious penalties.

At JMW Solicitors, our criminal defence experts have a deep understanding of the different types of courier frauds and the authorities that investigate them - including the police, the National Crime Agency, and the Serious Fraud Office. Thanks to our experience working on cases involving these organisations, we can help clients to understand what to expect from an investigation, uphold their rights, and move their case forward towards the best possible resolution based on their circumstances.

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What Is Courier Fraud?

Courier fraud is a type of scam that involves deceiving individuals into handing over their money, bank cards or other valuable items. Typically, the scammer contacts the victim by telephone and pretends to be a police officer or a bank official. They may provide seemingly legitimate information or have personal details about the victim, which helps them to appear credible. They may also use tactics like cloning telephone numbers to further build trust between them and the victim.

The perpetrator might claim that there has been a fraudulent payment on the victim's card, that someone has been arrested using the victim's details and cards, or provide another pretence for victims to hand over card or bank account details. The aim is to create a sense of urgency and legitimacy, to then lure the victim to reveal their PIN and credit or debit card details. With access to this information, there is nothing to prevent an unscrupulous person from stealing significant sums of money from their victim, or transferring cash in and out of an account for money-laundering purposes.

The City of London Police revealed that more than £16.3 million was lost to courier fraud by people in the UK from May 2022 to May 2023. 77% of this was lost by people in their 70s or older, which highlights the serious impact of these frauds on older people and the widespread nature of such scams in general. Their growth in recent years - spurred by technology that has made it easier for scammers to imitate credible authorities - has caused the police to step up their efforts in response and take greater pains to tackle courier fraud.

Why Choose JMW?

JMW's criminal defence experts excel in providing legal assistance and representation for people alleged to have committed courier fraud. Our services are tailored to your specific circumstances and focused on the details, which means we can be more thorough and consistent in the services we provide at all stages of an investigation. We will make sure you understand your rights, your obligations, the options available to you and the potential outcomes of each course of action, so you can make informed decisions about your case.

Our expert courier fraud solicitors have represented many individuals and businesses in situations like yours and by giving you the best legal advice, we can help you to reach the best possible outcome. Thanks to our help, many clients have avoided charges, been acquitted or have secured non-custodial sentences in court proceedings. We have also been able to reduce penalties in many cases by highlighting mitigating factors and ensuring they are accounted for. Thanks to these successes, we have been recognised as one of the top law firms in England and Wales by the Legal 500.

We have represented clients in investigations and criminal proceedings brought by the Crown Prosecution Service, the Serious Fraud Office, the police and others, meaning that we have a strong understanding of the processes involved.

Our expert solicitors can provide legal representation for clients during interviews with investigators, or in court proceedings. We can help you to collect evidence and avoid self-incrimination, seek testimony from experts where relevant, and work with the expertise of our wider team to provide comprehensive criminal defence services.

FAQs about Courier Fraud

What should I do if I am accused of or charged with courier fraud?

If you are involved in an investigation by the police, the National Crime Agency or another authority on suspicion of courier fraud, it is vital to speak to a criminal defence solicitor at your earliest opportunity. The lawyers at JMW have a wealth of experience in cases such as these, and can give you the best legal advice for your specific situation.

We will make sure you are treated fairly during the course of an investigation, help you to understand how to answer any questions you are asked and tell you what information you have a legal obligation to provide. We can also identify any mitigating circumstances that will affect your sentence, should you be convicted.

Even if you are certain that you have done nothing wrong, it is vital to work with expert solicitors during investigations such as these. Contact us at your earliest opportunity to talk about your individual circumstances and learn more about how we can help.

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