International Van Licensing

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International Van Licensing

Operators of small or light goods vehicles with a maximum permissible weight greater than 2.5 tonnes are legally required to hold a UK Licence for the Community to carry goods to EU Member States for hire or reward. The expert road transport solicitors at JMW can help you to make a successful application for these types of licences.

JMW’s team of solicitors have great expertise in assisting both businesses and individuals alike with any international van licensing matters. We are renowned for the high quality service we provide and are able to offer a wide range of services to help you and your business.

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What are the Responsibilities in Relation to International Van Licensing?

From 1st June 2022, it became a requirement for internationally travelling goods vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of 2.6 tonnes and over (LGVs), used for hire or reward, to hold a UK Licence for the Community to carry goods to EU Member States. Historically, the threshold was over 3.5 tonnes. This will require operators of such vehicles to meet adjusted versions of the core requirements of operator’s licensing in order to operate such vehicles, as below:

  • To have a professional competence
  • To have a stable establishment
  • To have financial standing
  • To have a good repute

Certain aspects of these requirements have, however, been applied in different ways to account for the difference between other goods vehicles and LGVs. For example, the required amount of financial standing for one HGV starts at £8,000, whereas the starting requirement for one LGV is £1,600.

This is evidently a big change to the UK licensing regime, which previously never touched vehicles of 3.5 tonnes and under. It throws up a number of complications and issues that the operators of such vehicles will never have experienced before, such as trying to satisfy the requirement for professional competence by appointing a transport manager.

What Information Do I Need to Make an International Vehicle Licensing Application?

In order to apply for such an operator’s licence, you will need (amongst possibly other things) the below:

  • Vehicle registration of the vehicle(s) you want on your licence
  • The gross plated weight of those vehicles
  • Evidence of having the required financial standing
  • Proof of a valid transport manager or person able to fulfil that function

FAQs About International Van Licensing

Which types of vehicles fall under the need for licensing?

You will require a UK Licence for a Community if you use:

  • Vans or other light goods vehicles
  • Vans towing trailers
  • Car towing trailers

Where these vehicles exceed 2.5 tonnes and are travelling internationally.

Do I need tachographs for light goods vehicles?

Currently, you are not required to have a tachograph in vehicles under 3.5 tonnes; however, from 1st July 2026, tachographs will have to be installed in vehicles over 2.5 tonnes to operate in the EU. 

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