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Unfortunately, some babies are susceptible to infection by Group B Streptococcus (GBS) at birth, which may lead to sepsis and meningitis (a virulent illness affecting the fluid of the spinal cord and fluid surrounding the brain). If a baby dies or suffers from permanent disabilities as a result of a GBS infection, which could have been prevented by healthcare staff, then it may be possible to make a claim for birth injury compensation.

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What is Group B Strep (GBS)?

Group B Streptococcus is a bacterial infection which may affect babies delivered to mothers who have been infected or are carrying the bacteria. Typically, GBS bacteria may be present in the lower intestine or the vagina of the mother without presenting any symptoms.

The bacteria may pass to the infant during delivery if the baby is exposed to the micro-organisms. Exposure may occur if bacteria pass up the mother's vagina into the uterus after her water breaks (when the membrane surrounding the foetus ruptures).

These types of infection are known as early-onset GBS and it is estimated that around one in 2,000 babies born annually in the UK and Ireland succumbs to the illness. In the UK it is estimated 340 babies a year will develop early-onset GBS.

Treating GBS

Treatment for early-onset GBS, if administered promptly, will usually facilitate the full recovery of the infant, however, if the infection goes undiagnosed severe complications may ensue.

One-in-ten babies may die from the infection and one-in-five will be left permanently affected by early-onset GBS. Infected babies may be left suffering from cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness and / or serious learning difficulties.

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