The Day-To-Day Challenges Facing Midwives

4th January 2016 Clinical Negligence

Midwives face many different challenges as part of their job, and must be able to adapt whenever new problems arise. Not only must midwives deal with a wide range of issues, they have to work with many different people, each with their own unique set of circumstances, health issues, opinions and attitudes.

To illustrate all that is required of a midwife, and to highlight the scale and variety of work undertaken, we list the day-to-day challenges of a midwife below:


To view the above in a larger format please click here - Midwives_v4.pdf. Our research is based on experience and insight into the profession, naturally there are many more factors that influence the role of a midwife.

Let's hope there are no more cuts to care budgets and the midwives helping 1000s of women across the country can continue to do a brilliant job.

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