Our Relationship with Rainbow Hub

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JMW and Rainbow Hub

Rainbow Hub is a children's charity based near Ormskirk, West Lancashire that provides services to help children with brain injuries, multiple disabilities and other life-limiting conditions.

From the charity's 12-acre site, a team of professionals specialising in conductive education help children to improve their speech and communication, movement and co-ordination and confidence.

Rainbow Hub is aiming to be an internationally-recognised centre of excellence for care, early intervention, rehabilitation and early years education.

The JMW medical negligence team has supported the work of this vital charity for several years and, as well as making regular donations, the team also takes part in sponsored events. This includes joining the children and families helped by the charity for the annual Rainbow Ramble, a sponsored 11 or 18 mile walk around the West Lancashire countryside.

For more information please visit https://www.rainbowhub.org/about-us/