Case Study: Dispensing Error Following Childbirth

Compensation: £13,000

Naomi, 27 years old, Plymouth

JMW has successfully obtained £13,000 compensation for a mother who, following a dispensing error was left with numerous post-natal complications including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Naomi had an emergency Caesarean Section because of pre-eclampsia. Following delivery she was inadvertently administered suxamethonium, a paralysing agent used in anaesthesia, instead of syntometrine, a drug used to cause the uterus to contract. She was unable to speak or move and lapsed into unconsciousness while trying desperately to breathe.

Following resuscitation Naomi was transferred to the High Dependency Unit where she suffered a severe post partum haemorrhage.

Ongoing effects

She was discharged home 6 days post delivery and soon began to experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder such as nightmares, flashbacks, sleep disturbance. She also had an excessive fear of becoming pregnant again. These symptoms diminished over time and have now largely resolved apart from a residual fear of becoming pregnant again, it is hoped that with appropriate cognitive behavioural therapy this will also resolve.


JMW Solicitors were successful in securing Naomi £13,000 compensation when the claim was settled.

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