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The Cauda Equina Syndrome Association (CESA) was set up by Claire Thornber in 2013 with support from JMW and strives to raise awareness of the devastating spinal condition cauda equina syndrome and to support those affected by it.

Claire, a JMW client and cauda equina syndrome (CES) sufferer, identified that there was a need for an organisation to campaign for greater understanding of the 'red flag signs' of CES. She hopes to ensure that more sufferers receive urgent treatment to enable them to recover and avoid permanent injury.

Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW and a specialist cauda equina syndrome solicitor, is also on the CESA board of directors. Eddie brings a wealth of experience of cauda equina syndrome medical negligence and the devastating impact treatment delays and errors can have on lives.

CES can affect anyone of any age and is caused when the cauda equina nerves at the base of the spine become compressed, often by a slipped disc. The red flag signs are bowel and bladder dysfunction, altered sensation in the lower part of the body, pain in the back/legs and loss of sexual sensation. It requires surgery to relieve the pressure within 24/48 hours but if healthcare professionals do not recognise the signs, or delay treatment, the condition can become permanent.

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