Case Study: Wrong Operation for Bunion

Compensation: £25,000

Rose, Kent

JMW has succeeded in obtaining £25,000 compensation for a woman who had the wrong operation performed on her, causing numerous complications.

Seventy-five-year-old Rose had bunions on both feet for some years and as they were becoming progressively more painful and deformed she was referred to her regional NHS treatment centre for surgical correction. The consultant suggested performing surgery on the right foot as this was the more severe with an angle of deformity of 45 degrees. This type of operation Rose underwent is usually performed where the deformity is less severe and was in fact inappropriate in Rose’s case.Rose experienced a lot of pain post op plus a degree of wound infection and when she was seen by her consultant at her six week follow up he noted that the osteotomy had healed well but had not corrected the deformity, which was still about 40 degrees.

Rose was then referred to a different hospital where she was told that she would at some stage require revision surgery to the right foot involving a different operation. The surgery was postponed to give the foot time to heal.However, she went ahead with surgery to the left foot, which involved a more appropriate technique, and she was very pleased with the results.Had Rose received appropriate treatment for her bunions in the first instance then on the balance of probabilities she would have had a good result and the pain and restriction of activity she has experienced since would have been avoided.


Liability was admitted by the defendant and a settlement of £25,000 was obtained by Katie Nolan.

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