Man permanently scarred due to negligence - £6,000

Barry, 55, Sheffield

A man has been awarded £6,000 after negligence during hip replacement surgery left him permanently scarred.

Barry, 55, had a total hip replacement at his local hospital. The operation was rather long because of complications and Barry was lying on his right side for more than six hours.

A tube was in place to administer anaesthetic to Barry and was tied in position with a cotton tape. During the operation saliva drooled from his mouth onto the tape, which was tied rather firmly. 

Following the surgery Barry had raw areas on both sides of his mouth caused by the pressure and friction of the wet tape over a prolonged period. The left side healed well but the right side, being more severe, healed leaving a vivid pink scar that will almost certainly be permanent.

Barry is very self conscious about his appearance and is greatly distressed about what he perceives as a facial disfigurement.

The case was settled by one of JMW for £6,000.

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