Judicial Review

A judicial review challenges the lawfulness of actions or decisions made by public authorities or the lower courts. When a challenge is made, it is considered by a judge in the High Court; seeking expert legal representation is therefore imperative.

At JMW, we have handled many cases of this nature, helping professionals through the application process and representing them in the High Court.

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Can I Make a Judicial Review?

Before deciding to make a judicial review, all other avenues must be explored to resolve a dispute. There are three grounds on which a judicial review can made:

  1. 1. Irrationality - this is when a decision is deemed so unreasonable that a reasonable person would not consider it
  2. 2. Illegality - this is when an action or decision made by a public body is in breach of the law
  3. 3. Unfairness - this is when a public body abuses its power, does not act impartially and does not follow procedures

Making a Judicial Review

When challenging an action or decision made by a public authority or the lower courts, certain criteria must be met beforehand. It must be demonstrated that the decision was either incorrect in the eyes of the law, made in an irrational way or reached in an unreasonable manner.

A judicial review will essentially ask the High Court to do one or more of the following:

  • Void a particular action or decision (quashing order)
  • Direct a public body to do something (mandatory order)
  • Direct a public body to refrain from doing something (prohibiting order)
  • Direct a public body to interpret something in a certain way (declaration)
  • Award damages (compensation)

We have also handled judicial reviews that have challenged the obtaining or execution of search warrants, and asked for a review of the warrants of commitment in confiscation enforcement proceedings.

Having an expert legal team can prove invaluable in helping to satisfy requirements necessary to make a judicial review.

Why Choose JMW?

The procedures and issues of a judicial review are quite different from those encountered at the lower courts, and not all solicitors are familiar with this specialist work. The private client criminal law service from JMW is ideal for assisting in judicial reviews, given the extra dedication and focus the service allows.

The offering is bespoke and aimed at professional or corporate clients, meaning you can rely on top-class assistance at every stage, from researching the challenge to seeing it through to its conclusion in the High Court.

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