People Trafficking

Being found guilty of people trafficking can lead to very serious punishment. It is therefore essential that anyone accused of this crime has access to the expertise of a highly qualified legal team. The offence, which is also known as human trafficking, is a very serious crime and always involves the exploitation of vulnerable persons. This exploitation can take various forms, including:


  • Prostitution

  • Other forms of sexual exploitation

  • Slavery, or practices similar to slavery

  • Forced labour, or forced services

  • Servitude


Human trafficking is therefore seen as a very serious offence, and those found guilty of this offence will usually receive a custodial sentence. The investigations are usually very complex and broad allegations can be made against organisations or individuals, or those who might have played legitimate roles within a complicated series of events. If you are accused of an offence carrying such heavy retribution, it is imperative you get the legal backing you need straight away. Our Private Client Criminal Law Service ensures you get the very best legal representation from the very beginning of proceedings until the very end. The bespoke offering is designed to provide discerning clients with an even more dedicated approach and access to the very best advice every step of the way.


People smuggling is a similar offence to people trafficking, but is characterised in a different way. While trafficking involves exploitation, smuggling is a voluntary act, in which violence or coercion is not usually involved. We have a particular expertise in representing haulage companies accused of assisting ‘clandestine entrants’.


If you or someone you know has been accused of people trafficking, you should seek legal assistance at once. You can speak to one of our highly experienced team of solicitors and find out more about our Private Client Criminal Law Service by calling 0345 872 6666, or by completing the online contact form on this page.

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