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Media and Reputation Management

At JMW, we understand that an attack on your good name, whether in a professional or personal capacity, can be distressing and worrying for you personally, financially and to your family. Your reputation may be damaged or called into question by false statements, either in or out of the media. The frequent use of social media platforms as a method of communication means that a person’s reputation can be harmed by a single defamatory posting.

As many of us have an increasing online presence, it has never been easier to locate information about you from a social media profile or a business profile, or to find that your private information has made its way online. The internet and your use of the internet has created a wealth of information about you freely accessible online, and you may not realise the extent of information that is publicly available.

We understand that you will want to keep certain private information out of the public domain. Your reputation may be vital to your business success or standing in your community. It can take many years to build (and even more time to re-build), a reputation if it has been damaged by the publication of false statements or intimate personal information. Such instances can also be distressing to your family and friends, and impact your employment.

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How Can JMW Help?

Our Media and Reputation Management team has significant experience and a thorough understanding of the law in this area to be well placed to provide quick and clear legal advice of the options available to safeguard your reputation.

We can assist you with both pre and post-publication advice, tackling online social media posts, and threats to publish intimate or private information that may be damaging to you and your family. You may find yourself the subject of a harassment campaign, whether that be a neighbour in the real world or anonymous trolls through social media and other online platforms. Both situations can be highly distressing and upsetting, and require clear legal advice of the options available to you where a harasser’s conduct may escalate.

Our Services

Our Media and Reputation Management team regularly handles a wide range of reputation management and media law issues for clients, including:

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