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Privacy is an essential part of life. It affects our sense of dignity and self-autonomy. It is also important for our relationships and intimacy with other people. In the modern world, privacy can come under threat from many different sources, such as the internet, mobile phones and other technology.

At JMW, our expert team of privacy law specialists helps to prevent misuse of private information and breach of confidential information. When things have, unfortunately, gone wrong, we are on hand to help clients to secure legal remedies, such as compensation.

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How JMW Can Help

Our dedicated privacy law team has represented many public figures, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals. 

We have extensive experience in handling sensitive cases, such as disputes involving children, the estates of deceased individuals and vulnerable clients. We also act for members of the public who are drawn into high-profile incidents or disputes relating to privacy issues.

The privacy law experts at JMW have a strong track record of helping and advising individuals in a wide variety of different situations involving breaches of privacy or confidential information. Our team can call on years of experience to help guide you towards the best possible result.

What Does ‘Privacy’ Mean?

Privacy law can relate to a wide range of different information, including sensitive details about the following:

  • Appearance
  • Employment
  • Family, home and everyday life
  • Financial and business information
  • Health and medical information
  • Involvement in crime (including as a victim)
  • Opinions and beliefs
  • Sex and relationships

We have represented clients in many different types of privacy cases, including disputes concerning:

  • Business
  • Criminal records
  • Employment or workplace
  • Disputes about TV and radio shows
  • Family
  • National and international media publications
  • Ongoing court cases
  • Personal relationships
  • Photographs and film/footage
  • Social media

Compensation and Legal Remedies

A breach of confidential information or misuse of private information can lead to serious and long-lasting emotional distress and financial loss, as well as reputational damage Our experienced team works to secure compensation and other legal remedies, including apologies, statements in court and steps to avoid future problems.

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