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Hojol Uddin

Partner and Head of Motoring Department

Hojol Uddin

Partner and Head of Motoring Department Manchester Driving Offences

Hojol joined JMW in May 2017 as Head of Motoring and is one of the leading experts in driving offences in England and Wales.

He has extensive experience in all motoring offences with particular niche expertise in evidentially and legally complicated cases relating to dangerous driving, careless driving, (including death cases) drink driving, drug driving and speeding offences.

Hojol represents all members of the public and is a very approachable individual and can assist you in any driving related issues you have, that are at the Police station, Magistrates, Crown Court, Court of Appeal or High Court. His approach is unique, very direct advising clients and tailors it to his client’s requirements.

Significant Cases

Hojol deals with so many cases that not every one can be listed or explained. However, if your case does not fall in any of the below, then contact Hojol directly and no doubt he will be in a position to assist.

1) R (on application of Andrea Hughes) v Macclesfield Magistrates’ Court [2013] EWHC 3993 (Admin) - Judicial review in which the defendant’s conviction for drink driving was quashed in the High Court as she had been refused an adjournment to obtain medical evidence relating to “post alcohol consumption”.

2) R v S Trafford Magistrates Court Drink Driving - One of Highest Recorded Readings in UK - 197 in breath – Result Suspended Sentence

3) R v V Worcester Crown Court Drink Driving – Duress of Circumstances and client drove vehicle due to injuries suffered – Result Appeal Successful

4) R v B York Magistrates Court Dangerous Driving – Road Rage Incident from other driver (prosecuted for careless driving) and Crown Prosecute our client for Dangerous Driving – Result - Not Guilty after Trial

5) R v P Metropolitan Police Death by Dangerous Driving – Result - No Further Action

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25th February 2019
Written by Hojol Uddin

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