Complying with Timetable

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Complying with Timetable

Once the court has sent the timetable to the parties your lawyer will tell you what needs to be done and when. There are various stages which will need to be complied with and they are likely to take a number of weeks. It will likely include exchanging any documentation relevant to your claim with the other side, exchanging witness statements that you are relying upon and updating your medical evidence if necessary.

Sometimes we may need to ask the court for additional directions in a case if for example it turns out additional medical evidence is needed.

In the vast majority of cases where court proceedings are issued, a settlement is reached without the need for a final hearing. However your lawyer will still need to prepare your case for trial just in case settlement cannot be reached beforehand.

There are two types of Personal Injury cases, as follows:

Generally these are cases where your compensation award is likely to be less than £25,000 and the injury has occurred in England and Wales.

Generally, these are cases that either; i. have occurred abroad. ii. Are likely to provide you with compensation in excess of £25,000 or iii. Have left you with life-changing injuries.
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*Usually, a case will settle before a final hearing, however once court proceedings have been issued, your lawyer will have to prepare the case as if it will go to trial.

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