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At JMW, our real estate residential experts are here to help prospective homeowners find out everything they need to know about the Right to Buy scheme and to guide them through what can sometimes be a complicated process. We have great experience in this area and can provide invaluable advice as you look to make the most of the scheme.

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The Right to Buy Scheme Explained

Right to Buy is a government scheme that gives social tenants in England and Wales the opportunity to purchase their council house at a reduced price. The initiative is available to those who have been a council or public sector tenant for at least five years in total.

The discount available through the scheme is based on the length of time for which you have been a tenant, the type of property you are living in and the location of the property.

However, the initiative is not open to you if:

  • The property is not your main home
  • You have been told by the courts to leave the property
  • You are being declared bankrupt or you are an undischarged bankrupt
  • The property is not self-contained
  • You owe money to creditors

The scheme offers a discount of more than £77,000 outside London and over £100,000 in the capital. Joint applications can be made with either someone who shares your tenancy or up to three family members who have resided with you for the past year.

There may still be an option to Right to Buy - named Preserved Right to Buy in this instance - if your home used to be owned by the council and this has been sold to a housing association or other landlord while you were still living in it. However, this is dependent on various factors and you should ask your landlord to find out whether this is applicable to you.

The law surrounding Right to Buy can be complex. To give yourself the best chance of benefiting from the initiative, it is advised that you should seek advice from legal experts who can explain the various options available to you in a simple and straightforward way. 

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Here at JMW, our solicitors have a range of services on offer to those thinking about opting for the Right to Buy scheme. We can provide you with more information about the initiative as and when you need it, while also letting you know about any legal implications it may have.

We can also help you through the application process, and talk to you about Right to Buy mortgages and conveyancing. Our considerable expertise also covers selling a council house purchased through the Right to Buy scheme.

Our solicitors are renowned for their professionalism and dedication to always acting in your best interests, so contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you with any issue in relation to Right to Buy. 

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