Bloodline Trusts

Bloodline trusts, also known as discretionary trusts, family protection trusts and wealth protection trusts, help to ensure that wealth and assets remain within the family unit and that capital is not at risk of being included in the divorce settlements of family members, or at risk of being absorbed by creditors should a family member be declared bankrupt.

There are many benefits to setting up a bloodline trust, but to get the full benefit it’s important to work with an experienced solicitor who has experience in this area of family law. JMW Solicitors has a dedicated team with the specialist knowledge to make sure that agreements are watertight and comprehensive, ensuring family wealth and assets are vigorously protected for generations to come.

To find out more about bloodline trusts and how they can protect your family’s assets, call our specialist team today on 0845 872 6666 for a confidential discussion.

The benefits of a bloodline trust

If assets and wealth are protected in a bloodline trust then they remain within the family unit. Without a bloodline trust assets are vulnerable to:

  • Divorces in future generations of a family
  • Bankruptcy or other financial issues
  • Inheritance tax
  • Other taxes

Bloodline trusts ensure that money can only be accessed and used by your children, your grandchildren or other generations directly related to you – those who have married into a family have no access to funds. For example, if you die and your spouse remarries and has further children, without a bloodline trust in place those children may be entitled to a portion of your assets.

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If you want to protect your family assets by setting up a bloodline trust JMW’s expert solicitors are best placed to create a bespoke plan capable of comprehensively protecting your wealth and assets. To find out more about our services call our team today on 0845 872 6666.

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