Family Trusts and Asset Protection

It is important that people have comprehensive plans in place to dictate how their assets and wealth will be distributed after death, ensuring that final wishes are respected.

Here at JMW Solicitors we have a dedicated team of experts who can help you to establish family trusts and asset protection agreements, which set out your wishes clearly and comprehensively. To find out more about our services and how we can set up family trusts to protect your assets and keep them within your family, call us now on 0845 872 6666 and speak to our team.

Family trusts

A family trust - also commonly referred to as a life protection trust, a spouse protection trust or a wealth protection trust - allows you to transfer assets to trustees, who then have responsibility for looking after the assets until they can be passed on to other beneficiaries – this makes them particularly useful for keeping assets safe until a child or grandchild is old enough to inherit.

An example of a family trust could be a Life Interest Trust. Under these agreements a person transfers their property into a trust, and this allows them to live in the property and also receive income from it for the rest of their life. Following their death their specified beneficiaries become entitled to any capital generated by the property.

If you own a property alongside your partner but would like to leave your share of the property to someone else, perhaps your children, then we can help you to plan for this.

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