Brain Damage Caused by Anaesthetic Accident - £60,000

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Brain Damage Caused by Anaesthetic Accident - £60,000

John, 44 years old, Luton

JMW helped a man secure £60,000 after a surgical procedure gone wrong left him with permanent brain damage.

John underwent an operation to remove metalwork from his lumbar spine that had been inserted at a previous operation. At the time is used a wheelchair because of chronic back problems.

Hypoxic episode during surgery

A chronic discharging sinus (infection tract) developed at the operation site and six months later a minor operation was performed to explore and lay open the sinus so that it could be packed to facilitate healing. During the operation the ventilator tubing became trapped in the mechanism of the bed head stopping the flow of oxygen. By the time the anaesthetist became aware that something was amiss and had switched to another ventilator John was already quite severely hypoxic (deprived of oxygen).

Permanent damage

This hypoxic episode resulted in a degree of permanent brain damage and John now suffers from cognitive impairment, poor memory, seizures and loss of confidence. He has also undergone a personality change and now is much more anxious and aggressive than previously.


JMW Solicitors secured £60,000 compensation for John.

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