Man’s life devastated by a stroke after hospital sends him home

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Man’s life devastated by a stroke after hospital sends him home

Julie Taylor, partner of stroke victim Paul Garner, has spoken of the need for fast action and good care for stroke sufferers after her partner’s life has been devastated by the condition.

Paul Garner was 50 years old when he was struck down by a stroke, which has left him depressed, unable to work, with short-term memory problems and with his left arm paralysed.

Julie Taylor, Paul’s partner, believes that with swifter and better care from hospital doctors, who discharged Paul on two occasions despite him showing signs of having suffered a mini-stroke, he would not have gone on to suffer a severe stroke that has left him debilitated.

The couple chose to challenge the care provided to Paul by The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust with the help of specialist medical negligence law firm JMW. The Trust has now admitted liability and agreed to pay Paul a compensation settlement to be agreed to help him to cope with the life changing implications.

Steven Brown is representing Julie and Paul in their legal battle. Steven commented:  “The quality of stroke care Paul received has been called into question.  The quality of care provided to sufferers can mean the difference between a full recovery and permanent disability so it is absolutely vital that NHS healthcare staff are able to provide a fast diagnosis and treatment. Sadly in Paul’s case vital signs were missed and this has ended up with life changing circumstances for both Paul and his partner Julie.”

Julie Taylor has commented:  “Paul’s stroke has had a catastrophic impact on both our lives. He has changed from being happy to a shadow of his former self and now struggles with depression. We believe if the hospital had given Paul aspirin and monitored him effectively rather than sending him home on two occasions it would have been avoided. This was backed up by the opinion of a medical expert involved in our case. We hope by highlighting Paul’s case we can show why good and swift care is so crucial.”

The NHS is currently campaigning for people to act FAST (Fast-Arms-Speech-Time) on the first signs of stroke as quick action and early treatment can have an extremely important impact.

On 26 August, Julie Taylor telephoned 999 regarding Paul Garner and Paramedics attended and took him to New Cross Hospital.  Paul’s symptoms had included drooling, arm weakness and raised blood pressure. He was examined by a Doctor and then was told he could go home but to make an appointment with his GP.

The following day Julie again called 999 after Paul suffered a sudden onset of facial weakness, and Paramedics attended and admitted Paul to New Cross Hospital. He was examined by a Doctor but was again sent home. On 29th August Julie was woken by a crash and found that Paul had fallen out of their bed. She again called the Paramedics who took Paul to hospital as his FAST test which was undertaken was positive in all three elements. Paul had suffered a major stoke which would have been prevented if he had had been prescribed aspirin by the hospital at his first attendance at A&E.

Steven Brown commented:

“The NHS is publically campaigning for people to be aware of their FAST guidelines relating to the quick diagnosis of stoke but they need to make sure that all medical professionals follow this crucial advice as well. A simple treatment such as aspirin admitted quickly can be extremely effective and save lives and make sure people do not need to suffer like Paul has sadly had to.”  

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