Chemotherapy error leads to skin graft and loss of hand function - £95,000

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Chemotherapy error leads to skin graft and loss of hand function - £95,000


Bryony Doyle, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at JMW, represented ‘Jane’ in a legal battle over a negligent administration of chemotherapy treatment which resulted in the need for multiple surgeries, significant scarring and loss of hand and arm function. Bryony was able to support Jane and secured her £95,000 in compensation.

Failure to correctly administer chemotherapy treatment

Jane was receiving chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. During one of her chemotherapy sessions, Jane noticed that her left hand began to swell so much so that she could not wear a watch. It transpired that Jane’s chemotherapy line had been incorrectly inserted into the tissue in her left hand instead of her vein which caused the swelling.

The error caused significant damage to the tissue in Jane’s left hand and arm. To make matters worse it resulted in Jane’s cancer treatment being delayed whilst she underwent various surgeries to washout and remove the damaged tissue. She also required a skin graft and reconstructive surgery and has been left with significant scarring and loss of function in the affected arm and hand. Very sadly, Jane has a pre-existing condition which affects the function of her upper limbs and she was reliant on her left hand to perform day-to-day activities so life has been made much more difficult for her.

Successful medical negligence claim

Jane was put in touch with JMW and her case was taken on by the specialist medical negligence team who was able to secure an admission of negligence from the hospital trust. The trust carried out a full investigation following the error and admitted that Jane’s scarring and restricted movement in her hand and arm was caused by the appalling error. Bryony was able to successfully negotiate with the trust who agreed to pay Jane £95,000 in compensation for her pain, suffering, additional care and the psychological impact of her injury.

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