Negligent Knee Replacement - £370,452

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Negligent Knee Replacement - £370,452

Diane, 48 year old, Rochdale

A woman has received a payout of £370,452 plus a further £67,500 interim payment after she underwent an unnecessary knee operation which resulted in painful complications.

Diane attended her GP complaining of increasing pain in both knees. An X-ray showed arthritic changes. Despite a number of steroid injections to both knees over the next 2 years Diane became quite debilitated by the continuing pain and was referred to an orthopaedic consultant. He diagnosed fairly severe osteoarthritis of both knees and put her on the waiting list for bilateral total knee replacement. After some months Diane was called for a pre-op assessment and underwent a left uni-compartmental knee replacement even though a total knee replacement had been advised.

Following the surgery, the pain in the left knee was worse than ever and the leg appeared to be misaligned, giving the physiotherapists considerable cause for concern. Her GP referred her to another orthopaedic consultant. He confirmed that the femoral component of the medial unicompartmental knee replacement and had been inserted in a mal-aligned position resulting in an eccentric loading of the component and the valgus malalignment of the left leg. He agreed that the initial assessment of a total knee replacement was correct. He performed revision surgery by way of a left total knee replacement and noted that "there was an obvious loosening of the previously inserted uni-compartment knee prosthesis".

Ongoing effects

Diane underwent an unnecessary operation and is left with continuing pain and discomfort in the left knee and also restricted extension despite 2 attempts at manipulation under anaesthetic. This severely affects her mobility and her quality of life. She cannot walk long distances or stand for prolonged periods and is consequently restricted in her employment opportunities. As she is still a relatively young woman Diane will require 2 revision operations in her lifetime.


Following the exchange of expert evidence, the case was settled and Diane received £370,452 compensation plus a £67,500 interim payment.

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