Poor Treatment of Fracture - £5,500

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Poor Treatment of Fracture - £5,500

Linda, Rotherham 

JMW has obtained £5,500 compensation for a woman after poor treatment of her fracture led to numerous, ongoing complications.

After suffering a fall, 65-year-old Linda was taken to hospital for treatment. However, the orthopaedic surgeon who treated her failed to take appropriate steps and Linda experienced unnecessary suffering as a result.

Katie Nolan, one of the specialist solicitors in the medical negligence team at JMW fought for justice on her behalf and secured her £5,500 to compensate her for the pain, suffering and time off work that she endured. 

Linda’s problems began when she had a fall one day and injured her right arm. She was taken to hospital and assessed and it was noted that she was unable to move her right elbow and wrist due to the pain.

An X-Ray was carried out which revealed that she had sustained a fracture to her elbow and had dislocated a bone in her wrist. Linda’s arm and wrist were strapped and she was referred to the fracture clinic. 

Fracture clinic

Two days later Linda was seen in the fracture clinic by an orthopaedic surgeon. He recommended that her arm be put in a cast for two to three weeks. 
Approximately three weeks later Linda was seen again in the fracture clinic by the same surgeon.

Failure to review x-rays

The cast was removed and the surgeon advised Linda to use a collar and cuff support and recommended some exercises she could do. X-Rays were carried out but they were not reviewed.

A few weeks later Linda was again seen in the fracture clinic with the same surgeon. He noted that Linda was struggling to use the arm and carried out another X-Ray. This revealed that the fractured part of her elbow was now out of place, whereas previously it had been in the right position. He said there was no other option but to operate and Linda’s name was placed on the waiting list. In the meantime, Linda was signed off work by her GP as the pain and loss of function in the arm meant she was unable to carry out her duties.

Linda had an operation, which was conducted by a different surgeon and her pain and arm function improved somewhat. However, she still had some symptoms and the following year underwent further surgery. 

The claim

Due to the pain, suffering and financial losses due to being unable to work that Linda suffered she sought legal advice about pursuing a claim for compensation. Her case was taken on by Katie Nolan, who found that errors had been made in the treatment of her fractures and this had caused her unnecessary suffering.

The claim was successful and Linda was awarded £5,500 in compensation.

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