Keeping it under Lock & Key...important considerations in high profile divorce cases

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Keeping it under Lock & Key...important considerations in high profile divorce cases

The Court service has recently updated its processes and solicitors are now able to request that high-profile divorce cases that may attract media attention or involve public figures, are kept under “lock and key” within the court system. This means that access to the case is restricted to a limited number of court staff selected by a team leader at the court.

This development is much welcomed by our family lawyers who regularly advise high profile clients and understand that confidentiality and discretion are paramount for all clients but particularly for those in the public eye for whom divorce proceedings might attract media interest.

Divorce and financial remedy proceedings can be highly emotional, stressful and oftentimes traumatic for the individuals involved. For our high-profile clients, media scrutiny and public interest adds another layer of complexity to an already difficult situation. Those clients can now feel assured that there are practical steps their solicitor can take to request that the court process their divorce case with sensitivity.

Our team can act quickly and effectively to protect our client’s position. Here at JMW, as well as our experienced family lawyers, we have a team of media lawyers who we can work alongside to limit or mitigate any exposure for our client. We are able to quickly determine the appropriate steps to be taken and mobilise a specialist team – at the drop of a hat - who understand the issues of litigating in the public eye and who can address those issues head on. 

We will take injunctive steps to ensure personal and sensitive information remains private, drafting confidentiality clauses in relation to financial agreements reached on divorce, or making an application to the court for a reporting restriction order. These types of orders can be used to restrict media access to family proceedings and can be made at any stage of the proceedings. If an application is successful, the media may be restricted from reporting about all or part of the family proceedings. 

Representing clients in high profile cases is not only about understanding the need for privacy and confidentiality, but also having the skill set required to deal with the issues that may arise. 

High profile cases are often comprised of many complex elements. These can include jurisdiction issues, overseas assets, intricate business structures and image rights. Our family team are highly knowledgeable and experienced in these areas. Our team is known for achieving excellent results for our clients, for cutting through issues and for providing pragmatic and strategic advice. 

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