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What is Lawsave?

Lawsave is a free buying group developed for Lawshare members and affiliates of JMW Solicitors. Lawsave uses the collective purchasing of its users to drive down the everyday costs of running a firm.

Lawsave has been developed to respond to the needs of firms and has considerable expertise in advising the professional sector on practical ways to manage and reduce office spend.

Through experience we know a firm’s essential requirements and have carefully selected a panel of suppliers who are renowned in their respective fields to ensure that users of Lawsave are able to obtain premium services and reduced rates.

Internal procedures can often contribute to inefficiency and overspend on office consumables. Lawsave can not only assist with finding the most cost effective supplier but also give practical advice in relation to internal procedures. This combination can often lead to dramatic savings for firms.

Which services do Lawsave offer?

  • Stationery
  • Land Lines
  • Phone Systems
  • Hosted Telephony
  • Mobiles
  • Broadband
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Archiving
  • Confidential Waste
  • On-demand Scanning
  • Photocopiers
  • Conveyancing Searches
  • Printed Stationery
  • Water Coolers
  • Hot Water Boilers
  • DX Reviews*
  • Franking
  • Promotional Merchandise
  • Office Furniture and Interior Design

    *subject to a success fee
  • Costs Draftsmen
  • Business Rate Reviews
  • Digital Dictation
  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Hosted IT/Cloud
  • IT Support
  • IT Hardware & Software
  • Lease Vehicles
  • Fleet Insurance
  • HR Support
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Cyber Security & PEN Testing
  • Data Protection
  • ISO Consultancy
  • Anti-money Laundering & Compliance
  • Lexcel Consultancy
  • Outsourced Legal Cashiering
  • Management Accounts
  • Payroll

How does Lawsave work?

A Lawsave expert can attend your office, audit your current expenditure/procedures and provide practical solutions that will reduce your office spend. The service is provided completely free to Lawshare member firms.

To explore the benefits of Lawsave and how we can assist your firm please see the links below or simply contact Kyle Blackburn on 0333 043 7283 or email us at

  1. Mail Room

    We are able to undertake a no-obligation audit of your postage and equipment requirements. This will include a visit to your office/s; meter readings of any franking machines; a discussion of your current and future postage requirements including DX.

    We can also analyse your postal needs in greater detail by looking at how your documents are produced, and which departments are most dependant on the mail system.

    With evolving technologies, such as Royal Mail's 'Mail Mark' system, Lawsave can help you make informed decisions which will result in a more efficient Postroom.

    Services that we can assist with include:

    • Franking Systems.
    • DX.
    • Folding & Inserting Machines.
    • Process Effectiveness Advice & Guidance.
    • Cost Reduction & Re-Financing.
    • Document Destruction Systems.
  2. Web and SEO

    Lawsave understand that a website is a firm's main online asset and are partnered with a digital agency that provides premium results and is a specialist within the legal sector.

    Lawsave understand that a website is a firm's main online asset and are partnered with a digital agency that provides premium results and is a specialist within the legal sector. As a result of the partnership you are able to access specially discounted rates only available via Lawsave.

    A firm's website is where the vast majority of online enquiries are generated and it is essential that the website is designed and developed to address the 3 fundamental criteria of online success.

    Firstly, the site needs to attract high levels of relevant search engine traffic. Secondly, it must engage the visitor, and thirdly it must encourage the visitor to make contact i.e. make an enquiry.

    Attracting high volumes of quality traffic is crucially important and requires a range of marketing techniques from best practice SEO principles, to targeted content marketing campaigns, PPC and social media promotion.

    Generating high volumes of traffic is not the whole story however: it is equally important to ensure that each visitor's experience is informative, clear and simple.

    Visitors make instant judgements about websites, and if they do not like the design or are confused about what the firm does, they are likely to leave the site and move onto a competitor. Professional design, good quality content, clear signposts and effective calls-to-action are therefore essential as they will make it easier for online visitors to contact you.

    These may seem obvious, but in combination they are absolutely essential in order to generate good online enquiries. To be successful online, firm's websites must satisfy these areas in equal measure.

    Therefore, it is important for law firms to partner with an agency that possesses the full range of online skills - web design and development, SEO, conversion optimisation, PPC, social media, copywriting, etc. Lawsave are able to introduce you to a provider with a proven track record in generating online revenues for law firms at a specially discounted rate.

    The range of digital services includes:

    • Strategic digital marketing.
    • Website design and development.
    • SEO & PPC campaigns.
    • PR & Social Media marketing.
    • Copywriting and content creation.
  3. Telecommunications and Data Connectivity

    Simply put, Telephone systems, high speed internet and Wi-Fi are crucial to most businesses.

    Lawsave can provide critical guidance, analyse your current arrangements and pair your firm with a trusted supplier to make you more efficient and potentially make thousands of pounds of savings.

    As an example Lawsave recently advised a firm and after free analysis of their telephone system was able to make recommendations that saved the firm in question 51% on their annual spend (equating to £9000 per annum based on 25-30 users).

    Lawsave have partnered with trusted telecommunications companies who have established themselves through proven projects, offer highly competitive rates and only work with the latest technologies.

    The Lawsave audit process is straight forward and all we require are copies of recent itemised telephone bills, an approximate number of telephone extensions and any contractual end dates. We will use this information to investigate your current arrangements and in most cases match you with a supplier that can improve your systems and make you more cost effective. As evidenced above the savings can be staggering.

    We are able to assist whatever the size of your firm or complexity of your telecommunications set-up. From telephone systems which work in conjunction with your CRM system, through to simple cost saving on your telephone calls and line rental, we are ready to provide guidance.

    Services covered:

    • Telephone systems
    • SIP/VOIP Technology
    • Hosted/Cloud Based Solutions
    • Voice and Data Cabling
    • Independent Audits
    • Data Networks
    • Wi-Fi Networks
    • Internet connectivity and security
    • Land lines and calls
    • Business Mobiles
    • Wide Area Networks
  4. Utilities

    Firms will no doubt have encountered spiralling utility bills which is where Lawsave can help. We are able to arrange a no-obligation audit that can control tariffs and ensure you are getting the best rates the market has to offer.

    The audit process is straightforward: Simply provide us with authorisation for us to engage with your current supplier and we can quickly establish your tariff/s and current contractual arrangements. We will assess your firm's requirements and, at the appropriate time, approach all major suppliers (and some specialist providers).

    The process includes tendering and negotiating with utility providers to obtain the best deal for you.

    During the review we will:

    • Handle registration enquiries.
    • Negotiate directly with utility companies.
    • Select the ideal time to issue tenders.
    • Determine the best contract proposal.
    • Issue electronic tenders prepared in a format that meets supplier needs.
    • Confirm the suitability of terms and conditions.
    • Monitor the market, its trends, regulations, changes and additions in response to your needs.
  5. Conveyancing Searches

    Lawsave can help conveyancing firms win new instructions, reduce time and save money on Client checks/property searches.

    In addition to the usual platform, our preferred supplier's system has a facility which can be used to instantly generate bespoke conveyancing quotations and email them out to a potential Client in less than 60 seconds.

    This system enables you to maintain your momentum after generating the enquiry and positively reflect your firm's ability to deal with the Client's transaction promptly. After using our supplier one of our member firms commented 'We've seen a significant increase in our conversion rate. It's also saving time in producing and emailing professional looking quotes to clients.

    Critical to the exceptional service provided is an understanding that technology has an important part to play, but the human element is imperative. The account managers at our service provider are only too aware of this and will go the extra mile.

    'Queries and delays are inevitable, we know that, but it's how they're handled that makes the difference; the account managers are so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, and they are firmly in our corner. Top 500 by volume conveyancing firm.

    Once a quote has been accepted the process of setting up an order the comparison of products, pricing and ordering of the searches is very straight forward. The system provides a complete range of searches and ancillary reports including:

    • Anti-Money Laundering Checks;
    • Title Indemnity Insurance;
    • Lawyer Checker;
    • Local Authority;
    • Drainage and Water;
    • Environmental;
    • Flood;
    • Planning Searches

    We have secured Lawsave members exclusive prices for the full range of search packages. Contact us to discuss what package suits your firm and to see if we can improve your current ordering platform and save you money.

  6. Cloud Computing Hosted & Managed IT

    Law firms are increasingly recognising the advantages of moving to the Cloud; increased productivity, compliance and improved client relations.

    Our partner's hosted and managed IT services enable firms to offer employees more flexibility in how and where they work, whilst having software and data securely located in state of the art data centres. With a fully supported, compliant and resilient system, you will no longer need to worry about your IT.

    JMW has recently moved to the cloud and Bill Jones, the firm's Chairman, made the following comments

    'We'd reached the stage where the capacity on our servers was getting really, really stretched so it was important for us to get experts in. To have everything off our premises in a secure environment where we knew we could get instant access to all our information was something very important to us. With data protection it's absolutely vital that we comply with the law and that we protect our clients' data. Similarly with confidentiality, we're under an obligation to keep all the affairs of our clients confidential. I can say we're satisfied that we've made the right decision, and that cloud computing is the way to be going.

    Lawsave offers a free risk & compliance assessment that will check if you are fulfilling your regulatory obligations and provide advice on IT use. The assessment will provide your management with a clearer view on possible compliance issues and generate awareness of risk your firm may face. Additionally we'll explain how you can maximise IT usage and gain a better return on investment.

    Key Features of the service:

    • 100% Compliance
    • Work anytime, anywhere from any device
    • Flexible and scalable
    • Predictable pricing
    • Robust
    • Increased security

  7. Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Professional Indemnity Insurance will without question be very high up on the list of expenditure for all law firms. It's important therefore to get the best value whilst ensuring that the cover you arrange is suitable for your firm.

    Lawshare have a relationship with a market leading Professional Indemnity broker that prides itself on providing market-leading client service and the widest possible insurer access.

    For more information contact

  8. Stationery

    Inevitably, your firm will require stationery and the chances are that Lawsave will be able to significantly reduce your spend in this area.

    Most firms will require essential items such as pens, paper and envelopes although some will require more specialist items such as bespoke furniture designs. Lawsave has the complete solution no matter what your requirements.

    Using specially selected providers, who offer the Lawsave group discounted prices, we are able to use the group's collective buying power to obtain rates that may not ordinarily be available to your firm.

    The Lawsave method of review is simple and convenient. We generally require 3 months usage reports (this will usually be in the form of your invoices) along with a broad understanding of your current purchasing system. During the review process we can also review your internal ordering procedures and offer guidance.

    After we have completed the review we will prepare an initial report detailing our suggested options and recommendations in relation to choice of supplier and internal procedures. In most cases we are able to offer solutions that will significantly reduce your spend.

    As an example, the Lawsave review was recently conducted at JMW and by switching supplier and changing internal procedures an annual saving circa 33% has been made.

    Stationery services that we can assist with:

    � General office supplies;

    � Furniture & Interiors;

    � Printer consumables; and

    � Cleaning & washroom supplies

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