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Watch our latest videos from our Lawshare team including interviews with our experts at JMW as well as some of our fellow Lawshare members.

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Air and sea travel convention cases featuring Joanne Brine, JMW Solicitors

Joanne Brine speaks to Peter Finkill-Coombs on the issues surrounding personal injury accidents whilst at sea or travelling by air.

The Belsner appeal judgment featuring Nick McDonnell, Kain Knight

Peter Finkill-Coombs speaks to Nick McDonnell, Director at Kain Knight to discuss the judgment in the Belsner appeal.

Travel Litigation following Brexit with Joanne Brine, JMW Solicitors

Joanne Brine from JMW’s Personal Injury team sits down with Peter Finkill-Coombs to discuss travel litigation following UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Making your business more eco-friendly with Chantelle Brandwood, Eco Offset

We sat down with Chantelle Brandwood from Eco Offset to discuss how professional service businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and the benefits it can have on your business.

The Belsner appeal featuring Ged Courtney, Kain Knight

Peter Finkill-Coombs speaks to Ged Kourtney, Technical Manager at Kain Knight to discuss his work on the Beslner appeal which is currently in the Court of Appeal. 

Professional Indemnity renewals featuring Marc Rowson, Lockton Companies LLP

Marc Rowson from Lockton sits down with Peter Finkill-Coombs to discuss Professional Indemnity renewals and how Lockton can help your firm.

No Fault Divorce featuring Elspeth Kinder

Lawshare partner Peter Finkill-Coombs sits down with family law expert, Elspeth Kinder to discuss the upcoming changes to no fault divorces and what the changes mean for any couples who are seeking to divorce in the future.

Larke v Nugus Requests - Everything you need to know

Lawshare Partner, Peter Finkill-Coombs recently sat down with Ben Wilson from our Contentious Probate team to discuss Larke v Nugus requests, when they are used and what will writers can expect when they receive a request.