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International Employment Law Support

At JMW, we know that multi-national businesses, and employers looking to grow internationally, need to be able to manage their global workforce in a way that allows their business and operations to remain compliant, competitive, and adaptable in an international market.

Our international employment law team, based in London, are experts in providing strategic employment and HR legal support for global companies, helping them to deal with their HR and labour law needs throughout the world, regardless of time zones.

All of our lawyers are English-law qualified but, over many years, have developed significant knowledge of all leading jurisdictions throughout the world. We are not only familiar with strict legal requirements locally, but the team has developed an understanding of local customs, culture, and trends as well. We have supported our clients in almost every country in the world, right across EMEA, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific.

To speak to a member of the employment law team about an international matter, get in touch with us today by calling 0345 872 6666 or by filling in our online enquiry form.

How JMW Can Help

Our clients tell us that our international service creates efficiencies for their business, including in relation to legal spending, as it tends to save time and money on international HR issues and projects. This is because the assistance that we provide ensures that they get to their end goals more quickly, and with less back and forth between HR and legal, than would otherwise be the case.

In addition, the feedback that we have had from our clients is that we have added significant value by supporting global HR teams to develop their knowledge of international HR management, issue-spot, and pick up on trends and learning points. This means that, over time, HR is less likely to need our support for day-to-day international issues.

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