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JMW provides expert legal advice and representation to companies facing investigation or action by the Environment Agency. If the agency is looking into your business's processes or if you are at risk of prosecution, we have the experience and knowledge to defend you and minimise damage to your firm and its reputation.

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JMW is able to assist businesses facing Environment Agency investigations in any form. The Environment Agency reports to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and is responsible for protecting the environment and ensuring that business practices do not have a detrimental impact on the local area, while it also works to promote sustainable development. It also collaborates closely with central government to achieve its aims, reporting to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. If the agency believes that your company's working practices are harming the environment - perhaps through pollution of a body of water or the improper disposal of waste - it can take various actions, including:

  • Investigations
  • Setting fines
  • Issuing enforcement and prohibition notices
  • Suspending and revoking licences
  • Changing licence conditions

The consequences of being accused of breaching environmental law can be serious and costly. It is therefore vital that, should your business face action by the agency, you are able to properly defend yourself. The team at JMW can assist your company if you face any such accusations. Examples of such offences can include:

  • Fly tipping
  • Water pollution
  • Improper disposal of chemicals and dangerous substances
  • Damage to land
  • Miscarriage of controlled waste

We can provide invaluable assistance at any stage of an Environmental Agency investigation, including:

  • Interview - It is advisable to seek legal assistance to know how best to respond or behave should your business be required to attend an interview with the Environment Agency
  • Arrest - Some breaches can lead to the involvement of the police and arrests being made; in such instances it is important to speak to a solicitor to evaluate the alleged offences and advise regarding any statutory defences
  • Notices - We can advise on your options should you be issued with an enforcement notice, enforcement and suspension notice, works notice or any other notice
  • Prosecution - You will require expert legal representation to ensure your interests are properly represented should the agency decide to prosecute

Why Choose JMW?

If your organisation is the subject of an investigation from the Environment Agency, it is imperative that you have the best legal representation right from the start. We can advise on every aspect of an investigation, ensuring you are best placed to successfully defend your firm and its assets.

Our Environment Agency investigation solicitors are able to represent organisations across the UK, including Manchester and London. We have experience in assisting companies facing such action from all sectors, and are able to advise through all stages of an Environment Agency investigation, ensuring you are able to tackle any challenge that presents itself.

The business crime team at JMW is regarded as one of the best in the North West and we have an excellent track record in helping companies of all sizes to defend themselves when facing inaccurate or unfair allegations.

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