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Business Crime & Regulation Videos

We produce occasional videos of our business crime and regulation seminars and advice sessions.

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Encro Phone Arrests

Evan Wright provides an update following large scale arrests of suspected criminals who have been using encro phones.

The first SRA visit

What happens at an SRA visit? What will the SRA ask? How should I prepare for an SRA visit?

Furlough Fraud

What is Furlough Fraud? How is Furlough Fraud detected? What is the Furlough Scheme? Is Furlough Fraud a criminal offence? Can I be sent to prison for Furlough Fraud?

AML decision implications

Evan Wright takes a look at the implications following the decision in the case Kadie Kalma & Ors v AML Ltd & Ors.

Custody Time Limits, Bail and Covid-19

Evan Wright takes a look at whether all custody time limits should be extended due to Covid-19.

COVID19 - Early release from prison?

Can you be released early from prison because of Covid-19?

Cash Seizure S294 POCA

Evan Wright explains how you can apply to release cash seized by the police.

HMRC & VAT fraud

Can HMRC deny an input VAT claim?

Failing to pay a security to HMRC

Evan Wright explains the process if you been summonsed to court for failing to pay a security to HMRC.

Case Supervision

Evan Wright of JMW discusses the case supervision in the criminal defence process.