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False Accounting Defence Solicitors

JMW provides expert advice and representation to businesses and individuals facing accusations of false accounting. We have helped many people charged with false accounting, from those in large businesses to others in smaller, family-run outfits, and can help organisations from across the UK.

False account fraud encompasses a range of different business activities, and when an allegation is made, it is vital that you secure legal representation and begin building your defence at the earliest opportunity. JMW's team has extensive knowledge of this area of the law and a track record of success in defending people accused of false accounting practices.

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Our Services

JMW is able to help individuals and companies defend against all manner of allegations of false accounting. Such incidents can sometimes involve a small group of people within a company, meaning that often business owners and directors may be unaware that a crime has been committed.

False accounting is defined under Section 17 of the Theft Act 1968 as an offence that involves an individual intentionally falsifying, altering or submitting false, inaccurate or deceptive records for accounting purposes. Examples of false accounting can include:

  • Inflating a company's share price
  • Hiding losses to avoid the withdrawal of financial help
  • Obtaining additional credit or finance to deal with cash flow issues
  • Reporting false profits
  • Winning new customers by making a company appear more successful than it is
  • Hiding transactions
  • Manipulating accounts to evade tax liability
  • Keeping two sets of accounts in case of HMRC inspections or audits

If you have been accused of any of the above, contact JMW today to find out more about how our expert false accounting solicitors can help. We will provide the guidance you need at every stage of the process, allowing you to focus on the important matter of successfully operating your business.

Why Choose JMW?

Cases of false accounting have risen sharply over the past few years, as businesses struggling to stay afloat in a difficult economic climate feel forced to overstate performance and assets to make it appear they are in a stronger position than they really are. In many cases, perpetrators do not directly benefit from the fraudulent act, but this does not mean that the practice is legal.

Therefore, it is essential that should you face an allegation of false accounting, you have access to legal representatives with the experience and know-how to help you secure a favourable outcome. JMW has an excellent track record of helping businesses of all sizes successfully defend against such allegations.

From small businesses involved in low-level false accounting to larger-scale operations - such as cases where subsidiaries have allegedly committed fraud that has had a detrimental impact on the entire business - we deal with all cases of false accounting. We will provide effective, dependable guidance to give you the best possible chance of achieving the result you are after.

To build your case we will draw on the expert knowledge of associates, including:

  • Forensic accounting experts
  • HMRC representatives
  • Computer forensic experts

Our expertise in defending false accounting cases comes from years of experience, and working with us will give you the highest chance of mounting a successful defence. Contact us today to talk about your situation and learn more about our services.

FAQs About False Accounting Fraud

How should I respond to allegations of false accounting?

Under the Theft Act 1968, false accounting is a serious offence and carries significant penalties. As such, if you are involved in a false accounting case - whether as a suspect or a witness - it is vital you prepare for what might come next. When false accounting allegations are made, they will usually be accompanied by an investigation, and it is vital to ensure your rights are upheld at all times during this process.

You should start by seeking legal advice. A solicitor can advise you on what you should expect from the next stages of the investigation and help you to mount a defence. They can represent you during interviews with the Serious Fraud Office, the police or any other authority taking part in the investigation. When you work with our team, we will provide practical legal advice and help you to navigate the process while making sure your rights are never infringed.

Once you have spoken to our expert false accounting solicitors, you should begin collecting evidence. This can help you to comply with the investigation and may be used to support your version of events. This process might also involve identifying any witnesses who can provide testimony on your behalf, as your solicitor may need to speak to these witnesses later.

Our expert fraud lawyers will talk to you about your organisation's internal procedures, the situations in which the fraud allegedly occurred, and your role in these affairs. Where necessary, we can gather expert testimony from a forensic accountant or other professional who can help to determine the facts.

If you are suspected of involvement in false accounting activities, you will need to build a defence and ensure you have a strategy in place as the investigation unfolds. This is just one reason why working with a solicitor from the beginning of the process is vital, as this can ensure you have a plan of action and legal representation at all stages.

As a witness, you will not usually need a defence but it remains crucial to have a solicitor represent you during any conversations or interviews with investigating authorities. This can help you to avoid self-incrimination and help you to understand your legal obligation to reveal privileged information, which can make sure you remain compliant with the investigation.

How can businesses investigate and prevent false accounting?

The UK government plans to introduce a new offence called "failure to prevent fraud", which will invest businesses with more responsibility to detect and prevent activities like false accounting. While this is not yet a legal requirement, it is advisable for organisations to prepare for this and to shore up their accounting practices to reduce the risk of false accounting taking place.

The best way to do this is to perform an audit of your current payroll management and accounting procedures. By approaching this from the perspective of a risk assessment, you can identify vulnerabilities and address them.

False accounting can be allowed to thrive without the notice of company directors in cases where the business owner or company director does not have proper oversight of financial transactions. This responsibility may be delegated, but it is important to ensure that there is visibility on all of your company's accounts. Introducing more separation of responsibilities among accounting departments is another way to introduce more of this type of oversight and prevent any individual person from having enough control to engage in fraudulent activity.

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Our lawyers have a vast amount of experience working on complex cases, and few other firms can offer our level of service and expertise in this area. Find out more about how our false accounting solicitors can help you today by calling us on 0345 872 6666, or allow us to contact you by completing our online enquiry form.


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