Fraudulent Investment Schemes

If you or your business have been accused of operating fraudulent investment schemes, the expert solicitors at JMW can offer you comprehensive and vigorous protection. Charges for being found guilty can be very serious, including hefty fines and even prison sentences, and so it is important you have access to a legal team highly experienced in this area of law.

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JMW is able to provide assistance and guidance at any stage of a fraudulent investment scheme investigation. Such schemes make lavish promises to investors, assuring them that they will make a lot of money very quickly, but in most cases investors are repaid with their own cash or money invested by others in good faith.

With these kinds of investment schemes there is rarely a real investment to be made, and shares or products will have been fabricated. Fraudsters will take an investor's money and keep it, rather than investing, leaving them in financial difficulty. Charges of this type are therefore very serious and anyone facing such will require expert legal help, such as that provided by JMW.

Typical schemes might include:

  • Ponzi or pyramid investments
  • Land banking schemes
  • High-yield schemes

If facing allegations of involvement in such schemes, we can help by:

  • Advising you during interviews held under caution
  • Responding to any dawn raids
  • Developing legal arguments
  • Building your case and obtaining defence evidence

All investment schemes are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is aware of all of the firms who are legitimately able to offer investment schemes to the public. All regulated investment activity must comply with The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Regulated activities include:

  • Accepting deposits
  • Managing investments
  • Advising investments
  • Establishing certain types of pensions
  • Advising on home finances/arranging home finances

We can advise on any such matter and help you to construct a robust defence against the allegations made against you. 

Why Choose JMW?

JMW has helped many people to successfully defend against allegations of operating fraudulent investment schemes. The vast majority of our clients are legitimate individuals and firms who became unwittingly involved with a fraudulent investment scheme. In some cases, business names and identities are stolen or cloned.

Because of the complex nature of such cases, it is often vital to put together a comprehensive defence team comprising of solicitors as well as other experts. We can help you form the strongest possible team, which may include financial service experts, electronic evidence experts and forensic accountants, for example.

We provide specialist advice at every stage of an investigation and we have represented those working in a variety of financial industry roles, including stockbrokers, mortgage advisors, credit unions and insurance managers. We can help clients from right across the UK, including Manchester and London. 

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