Failure to operate on complicated fracture leads to amputation - £185,000

‘John’, 65

Bryony Doyle, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at JMW, represented ‘John’ in a legal battle over two below the knee amputations. The amputations were caused by a hospital failing to recognise the seriousness of an ankle fracture which required immediate surgery. Bryony supported the gentleman and his family in their fight for justice against the hospital and was successful in obtaining £185,000 in compensation for them.

Seriousness of fracture missed

‘John’ suffered a fracture to his ankle and subsequently attended A&E. However following assessment at A&E the seriousness of the fracture, which required immediate surgery, was not identified. John was instead discharged home with a walking boot and advised to partially weight bear. Some days later district nurses attended John’s home and found that bone was protruding through the skin. John had not been aware of this as he had lost feeling in the leg due to his diabetes. John was referred back to hospital and underwent two surgeries to treat the fracture.

John’s recovery was complicated by an infection and he subsequently underwent further surgery to treat this, which prolonged his stay in hospital significantly. John ultimately required a below the right knee amputation as a result. Whilst he was receiving treatment for the injuries to his right leg in hospital, John also developed a wound to his left toe which became infected. This infection progressed and was not amendable to treatment and unfortunately he required a further below knee amputation to his left leg.

Successful medical negligence case

JMW claimed that the trust had negligently failed to identify the complexity of John’s initial fracture which would have led to immediate surgery.

The trust admitted that both amputations were caused by the negligence but John sadly passed away after this was admitted. However, the case was continued by his wife on behalf of John’s estate. After negotiations by JMW’s Bryony the trust agreed to settle the case for £185,000.

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