Claim compensation for IVF mix-ups

If you have experienced IVF treatment that has resulted in a mix up, lost or damaged eggs and other errors, you could be entitled to claim for compensation.

The experienced solicitors at JMW are on hand to provide you with expert advice and hep you make a claim for compensation. Call us on 0800 054 6512 or complete an online enquiry form.

Types of IFV mix-up

Whilst the majority of treatment is conducted without error, some couples are unfortunate enough to experience failed IVF treatment and mistakes that lead to mix ups during the IVF process. Some of the most common mistakes made include:

  • Implantation of eggs into the wrong patient
  • Sperm being implanted into the wrong eggs
  • Lost or damaged eggs
  • Destroyed sperm and eggs due to equipment failure

Make a Claim

Couples who approach fertility clinics in order to conceive expect to receive a high standard of treatment. When clinics make serious mistakes they can be held legally responsible, and those couples affected are entitled to compensation.

If you have suffered emotional and physical trauma due to the clinical negligence of a fertility clinic, contact JMW today to begin making a claim for compensation. To receive free impartial legal advice, call 0800 054 6512 or complete our online enquiry form.

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