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Daily Mail: How drug used to speed up births can starve a baby of oxygen


The families of JMW clients left with devastating brain damage spoke to the Daily Mail about the need for care when using a drug to speed up labour. Read the story on the Daily Mail website.

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Daily Mail: Woman given two years to live after doctors botch smear test results


JMW client Vivien Reynolds (45) is facing a death sentence after obvious signs that she was at risk of developing cervical cancer were missed on a smear test. Her case featured heavily in the media when the hospital trust responsible admitted the mistake and apologised. Her medical negligence solicitor at JMW Beth Reay told the media that if the signs had been picked up on as they ought to have been Viv would have been treated with a routine procedure and would have made a full recovery. Read more on the Daily Mail website here

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The Mirror: 700 of victims of bed sores through neglect receive £16 million


New figures have revealed that more than 700 NHS patients and families affected by avoidable bed sores have received over £16 million in compensation in the last 10 years. Steven Brown, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at JMW, spoke to the Mirror about the issue. The article also features the story of Rosemary Jackson who Steve is helping to fight for justice after her husband suffered appalling bed sores while in hospital. Read the article on the Mirror website here (external link).

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