Case Study: Misdiagnosis of Crohn's Disease

Compensation: £18,000

Mark, 22 years old, Rochdale

A man who suffered because of misdiagnosis of Crohn's Disease has been awarded £18,000 compensation thanks to the help of JMW.

Hospital referral

Mark, a plasterer, attended his GP complaining of stomach pains after food, which had been increasingly worse over the preceding two months with weight loss. He was referred to hospital as a matter of urgency. Mark underwent a gastroscopy and a differential diagnosis of celieac or Crohn's Disease was made. A week later he experienced sudden severe epigastric pain with vomiting and was re-admitted to hospital.

Missed Crohn's Disease

Two weeks later, Mark underwent a barium meal and follow through examination, which was interpreted as showing normal appearances. Mark's consultant subsequently wrote to his GP noting that barium follow through and duodenal biopsy showed no change specific for Crohn's Disease. He noted that the final diagnosis was uncertain, but one could not completely exclude a diagnosis of Crohn's Disease.

In the following months, Mark continued to attend the GP with gastrointestinal symptoms. After six months due to ongoing ill health the Gastroenterologist arranged for Mark to have a white cell scan. The isotope scan yielded an abnormal result suggestive of Crohn's Disease. Mark was started on medication called Pentasa.

Getting a second opinion

As his symptoms continued, Mark asked for a second opinion. Mark was referred to a Locum Gastroenterologist who saw him just over 12 months after his initial referral to hospital. Mark was started on Prednisolone. The Locum Consultant indicated it would be best to treat him for presumed small intestinal Crohn's Disease. In addition, the Locum Consultant reviewed the barium meal study noting an abnormality in the terminal ileum consistent with Crohn's Disease, which was previously unreported.

Mark continued on Prednisolone and subsequently Azathioprine and his condition improved to the extent that he was able to return to work.

How we helped

JMW Solicitors alleged that the barium meal was incorrectly interpreted. Had the barium meal investigation been corrected, this would have led to a more effective treatment, such as oral steroids or even surgery.

The hospital admitted that the treatment was negligent and the claim was settled. Mark received £18,000 compensation for his pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Have you also suffered from an incorrect diagnosis?

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