Misdiagnosed Appendicitis Claims

Appendicitis can be a painful and uncomfortable condition, but even more so when it is misdiagnosed or inappropriately treated as a result of clinical negligence. If you find yourself in this position the expert solicitors at JMW are here to support you.

If a doctor or other medical professional failed to diagnose your appendicitis, you may be in a position to make a compensation claim for the pain and distress caused. Our legal team is highly experienced in helping people to make appendicitis claims and will do everything they can to deliver the best possible outcome.

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The team at JMW can provide all of the help and support you need to make a successful blood transfusion claim, drawing on years of specialist expertise in the field of clinical negligence. The claims process can often be lengthy and complex, which is why our solicitors are dedicated to making the experience as stress-free as possible.

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About appendicitis

Appendicitis is a fairly common condition that involves the appendix swelling painfully. It usually starts with pains in the abdomen, which can travel to where the appendix sits in the lower right-hand side of the torso, becoming even more uncomfortable. Vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea are also common symptoms of this condition.

Anyone who experiences abdominal pain that becomes progressively worse should seek medical help immediately. When seen by a doctor, you’ll undergo a full assessment, with your abdomen assessed for any tenderness and urine and blood tests conducted to determine whether appendicitis is the cause.

Treating appendicitis correctly

In cases of appendicitis, the appendix is typically surgically removed in an operation known as an appendectomy or appendicectomy. This procedure has a good success rate, with most patients making a full recovery in a matter of weeks.

However, if appendicitis is not correctly or quickly diagnosed, it can lead to serious and potentially life-changing injuries - particularly for women, as a failure to treat appendicitis quickly enough can lead to their fertility being affected.

If you believe the medical professional who saw you did not carry out the necessary tests and this led to a failure to diagnose your appendicitis, you should seek legal help as soon as possible to see what action you can take.

Why Choose JMW?

At JMW our specialist medical negligence team has extensive experience in securing compensation for those who have been affected by misdiagnosis problems and other clinical negligence issues. These cases are often complex, but JMW has the required legal knowledge needed to secure compensation wherever possible.

We always take a professional and understanding approach to each case, and will do all we can to ensure you are kept well-informed throughout the process. We understand just how stressful this kind of legal procedure can be and will work to make the experience as hassle-free for you as possible.

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